10 Tall indoor Low Light Plants 1

10 Tall indoor Low Light Plants

Do you ever feel that you cannot grow any plants in your apartment? Or a certain room in the house because it gets an insanely low amount of light?

If you are a plant lover and riding on the same boat or you feel that either your basement or your office desk is lacking some green space, this article is for you.

You can still add glamor to the darkest parts of your house. With some of the best easy-care indoor plants that will thrive well in even the low light conditions.

These plants could be used in just about any room in your house.

All you need to do is keep on rotating the plant at least every two weeks so that all parts of the plant get a fair share of the reflected sun rays.

If you had given up on placing a few plants in your apartment.  Because you may be worried about the sunlight conditions.

Here are some of the best tall indoor low light plants that will thrive through low lit areas without an issue.

These plants will not only add a dramatic touch to your house interior, but will also serve as the ideal focal point of every room.

Even if it has north facing windows, that strip the rooms from the glorious sun rays.

Tall indoor plants low light

People choose to decorate their indoor spaces with tall indoor plants for a number of reasons.

While some people feel that tall plants exude that soothing feeling of nature, others just like the feeling of surrounding themselves with a lot of foliage.

More to that, when you have a nice blend of small medium, and tall trees in the house, it more or less gives you that natural feeling of outdoors.

Normally, nature is more or less random. And therefore when you have a nice blend of size in your indoor space, you are finally able to tap on that essence of natural outdoors feeling.

Below are some of the best tall indoor low light plants that you can consider. Then you can choose one that will fit your taste and preferences.

9 Tall Indoor Low Light Plants

Spider plant

Don’t let the name fool you, this is one of the most classic tall indoor low light plants that you will have in our house.

Although the spider plants may come in many varieties, the bottom line is that all of them look incredible.

Especially in the hanging baskets or when set on top of a pedestal.

I like the variegated varieties of these plants especially the type that has curly leaves.

 spider plant

Besides that, the spider plants are the easiest of them to propagate. So it’s very easy to create a green space in your home with this selection

All you have to do to keep the spider plant healthy is to ensure that you mist the plant on a regular basis. Especially during the winter season.

The ZZ Plant
Well, I’m not trying to encourage laziness but here is one plant that can cope with neglect as well as the very dark corners in the house.

The ZZ plant also known as Zamioculas zamiifolia is an African native plant that will do well even its just the fluorescent light in an office or a shop.

Actually, this is one plant that can also tolerate dry conditions.  If you are that person who is always on the move this plant will be suitable for you.

One more thing that you will love about the ZZ plant is the fact that it looks great in just about any room.

10 tall indoor low light plants ZZ Plant

This is because the plant produces some upright and slightly arching stems. Which may be covered in dark green and shiny leaves.

When it comes to the care measures of this plant, ensure that you water it as soon as you notice the top inch of the soil is dry.

This is one plant that is famous from way back in the Victorian era.

Back then referred to as the parlor palm.

Scientifically known as the chamadoera elegans is a Mexican native growing plant that takes up the low light situations without an issue.

This plant will grow up to 4 feet tall and when placed in any room it makes quite a bold statement.


The best thing about this indoor plant is the fact that it only needs to be watered when the soil feels extremely dry.

Otherwise, this is one convenient house plant that will not demand for a lot of watering.

However, it does help a big deal when you mist the plant once a while especially during the winter season.

The perfect selection if the palms are the ponytail palm that can do well in any room of the house.

It is an unusually fascinating plant that comes with some long and strap-like leaves. Sprouting from a much larger base that gives the plant another common name, elephant foot plant.

One thing that will impress you in this plant is the amount of watering needed.  This is because the plant stores enough water in its chubby base.  For this reason, the plant could actually go for a couple of weeks without needing any watering.

This plant could be found in diverse sizes. Ranging all the way from tabletop designs to the tall house plant trees.


Are you craving for that tropical getaway in your living room?

Well, look no further. Monster also is known as the monstera delicious is a huge and bright green plant that comes with actively cut leaves.

Some will call it the Swiss cheese plant as it has a dense shape but over an extended period of time, it begins to stretch and climb wood totem.


However, you could still keep the plant compact. This is done by simply pruning the vining branches back in shape.

But since we are compiling a list of the long low light indoor plants here were going to focus on the beauty of the plant while at its maximum height.

Ensure that the plant is well fertilized at least once a month. Primarily, this is during spring and summer.

This will facilitate regular and pleasant growth.

The Snake Plant
At first you will most likely fall in love with this plant. Because of its outward look. But after having for some time, you will love it even more, because of its downright tough.

This is one plant that doesn’t take so much of your time and effort. Actually the less you pay attention to them, the happier they are.

Alongside other plant categories like the ZZ plant and the Cast iron plant;s. These are the ideal plants for anyone who’s never home.

This is because the plant just like its counterparts requires very little amount of water to survive.

Also, the plant comes in various varieties in terms of size, height as well as variegation and color.

snake plant

The modern edgy look that this plant adds to your indoor space. It is something to die for, but the easy care tips make things even better for you.

The plant is the type that prefers medium light, but will tolerate either high or low light without an issue.

How versatile of them! However, at the end of the day ensure that you keep this plant away from the direct sunlight as they might burn down even before you realize it.

In the past few years, the red Aglaonema has gained its popularity while making its way into most of the modern homes.

It has taken the world of houseplants and just about everyone wants a piece of the pie.

It has some spectacular bright green leaves that will without a doubt bring life to any dark room in the house.

The plant does well in low light conditions and besides that, it also doesn’t mind the dry soil conditions either.

For that reason, if you are a couch potato or rather just a busy schedule gardener. This plant will definitely work in your favor.


In the original days, this plant was known as the Chinese evergreen.

And the best thing about it is that it is completely foolproof.

The Peace Lily

Just like the name sounds, this is an elegant and easy to care plant that will demand very little from you.

In case you are wondering how this is one plant that can withstand the low light conditions while at the same time doesn’t demand a lot of watering.

I love the fact that this plant has some bright pure white flowers that grace the tall stems.

Peace Lilly

With its uniquely bright foliage, this plant looks incredible even when they are not blooming.

The botanic name of the plant is known as spathiphyllum.

Which is a plant that can grow up to 18 to about 36 inches.

Generally, the peace lily is an undemanding houseplant although requires regular watering when need be.

All in all, the plant may dry out if not let to dry out completely after you water it.

The Arrowhead Vine
The arrowhead vine also is known as the Syngonium podophyllum.  A native plant to Central America.

You’ll love the fact that this plant has the low light tolerance hence it can survive in the darkest parts of the house without an issue.

More to that, the bronze or variegated bright green foliage is something to die for.

Arrow head vine

When the arrowhead vine plant is young, it forms a bushy mound and over time the plants get produce vines.

For this reason, this category of indoor low light plants is the ideal type for the nagging baskets or the trained totems.

To ensure that your plant remains beautiful and strong, ensure that you always pinch it a little when it gets all leggy. Also, water the plant only when you feel that the soil around the plant is too dry.

This is not the type of plant that requires watering on a daily basis.

Do you need some tropical evergreen plants that will add some color to your home?

Well, the bromeliads are the perfect choice for you.

10 indoor low light plants Bromelaids

This is one plant that will do well in the low light conditions and bitter still it comes with tons of diverse colors.

Besides that, the bromeliads are one of the best flowering houseplants that are ideal for the low light and darker corners of the house.
If you were worried that your basement is too plain. And would like some addition of elegance, this is just what you need.

Surprisingly, the bromeliads also make one of the best flowering plants that can grow in the low light conditions.


Pothos also biologically named philodendron is one plant that will thrive in any room of the house.

This is because it has less demanding lighting conditions when compared to other indoor plants.

Actually, this is one plant that needs to be kept away from the full sun so that it can thrive well.

The pothos plant is also an easy-care plant. That can be easily trained on a trellis. Or  just allowed to tumble all over the hanging baskets.

The plant comes in a variety of colors and bi-colors which include but are not limited to dark green, white and green, yellow and green among others.

Also, the plant comes with some heart-shaped leaves that add to the entire elegance of this plant.

Pothos Plant

When it comes to watering the plant, it should be watered only when the soil around the plant feels very dry.

Also, the plant requires only a few trims when it starts to feel a little leggy.

Here’s a few suggested potters for those tall plants!

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