Citranatal Plants 12 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants 1

Citranatal Plants 12 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants

Citranatal plants? Let’s get into this topic!

As we head into the summer, the famous uninvited guests (mosquitoes) start to show up in our homes. The buzzing, the discomfort, the itching, all of that is enough to drive anyone mad.

For those in the tropics, this is their plight all year round. Those in more temperate regions are a tad lucky.

The winters are usually too cold for mosquitoes to come out of hiding.

However, during summer when there seems to some warmth in the atmosphere, the hovering of these mosquitoes become very rampant.

And could ultimately bring harm to us and our environment.

The pathogens carried by the various species of mosquitoes are known to cause several ailments, some of which have been responsible for so many deaths worldwide.

This is exactly why most home owners have taken their lives into their hands.

And have taken placed the burden of curbing the spread of mosquito viruses in their hands.

They do this by spraying every nook and cranny of their room with chemicals that kill those mosquitoes.

But chemicals are not completely safe either.

They can have negative impacts on your health and that of your family. So now you’re at a cross road: to die by mosquito or to die by chemical. What should be your next course of action?

Citranatal plants

It may interest you to know that there are plants that are mosquito repellent’s and a much better option than chemicals.

You had no idea?

Well good thing you’re here then. In this post we’ll be discussing in detail which of our favorite indoor plants repel mosquitoes and how they do it.

These wonderful plants are called Citranatal plants. In addition to being absolutely beautiful, they also help to keep our homes free from the terror that is mosquitoes.

How do these plants repel insects?

While trying to get rid of those pesky insects like mosquitoes, bedbugs etc.

It is also good for you to consider not destroying the natural fragrance of your environment.

Some aromatic plants like citronella, marigold etc, are capable of repelling mosquitoes.

And keeping everyone in the home free of diseases with just the power of their fragrance.

I know many of us may wonder how even in the darkest of places, these mosquitoes always seem to find us.

Well this is because mosquitoes, like several other insects, have a very strong sense of smell.

This means that even when you think you’re totally clean and odorless, a mosquito can probably smell you. And your wonderful tasting blood from a mile away.

In order to prevent this from happening, citranatal plants produce fragrance strong enough to block the mosquitoes. Smell receptors thus protecting you from them.

This means that a stem of either a lemon balm or peppermint can give an entirely different night time experience.

The aromatic scent of most repellent plants mosquitoes from coming closer.

In fact, the essential oil extracts from these plants, for example the lavender oil, work just as effectively when rubbed on the skin.

So the next time  you’re thinking of sitting at the backyard and sipping on your cocktail, you can just rub it on your skin.

Or put the plant at a corner, closest to you and simply unwind with no worries.

Now that we’re up to speed on how mosquito repelling plants works, let’s go on to discuss some of them that can be easily grown in your home.

 Mosquito Repellent Plants indoor

Of all the mosquito repellent plants, the catnip is one of the most important. It contains oil and DEET, a chemical that makes it more effective than other repellents.

Citranatal Plants Cat Nip

You can watch those mosquitoes flee when a catnip is planted anywhere in your home.

Also, it is at risk of being trampled upon by your cat as it tries to roll in it or take in its scent.

Catnips need a lot of direct light and well-drained soil. Every now and then, you could introduce some fertilizer to the soil.

Floss flowers
This attractive flower is native to South America, especially Guatemala and Brazil.

This does not exactly mean it won’t survive in your garden. As long as it is getting enough sunlight, the floss flower can survive in basically any climatic condition.

This means that you can effortlessly place them in your relaxing area where the sun is at its fullest.

Having a plant like this will save you from the discomfort off warding of mosquitoes. And the risk of inhaling the harmful chemicals in pesticides.

Citranatal Plants floss flowers

The beautiful thing is, the fragrance is beautiful, making it the perfect organic air freshener for your home.

Another very popular plant repellent in these gardening streets is the citronella plant.

It is commonly marketed as the “mosquito plant”. This alone goes to tell you how effectively the Citronella works against those buzzing terrorists.

Citranatal Plants Citronella

The sweet fragrance that comes from this plant can repel mosquitoes that are even 100 meters away from you.

In addition to being a beautiful, insect warding plant, it is perfect in homes where you have growing kids around as you never have to worry about toxicity.

It’s safe and can be edible too.

This perennial plant grows anywhere and yield vigorous growth in early spring.

However, Its low cost of maintenance is also one advantage it has over other repellent plants.

All you may need to do to keep it growing sparingly is just to apply a nitrogen rich fertilizer. And always have it placed in a water logged area.

Indoor plant’s that repel mosquito’s

This bright and hardy plant here can add beauty and elegance to your landscape with no stress.

The native southern European plant contains pyrethrum, a compound which produces smell that deter mosquitoes.

According to gardening experts, the marigold is probably one of the easiest plants to grow as it can survive in basically any soil type.

Citranatal Plants marigold

Thankfully, the marigold begins to bloom in the summer. Which is just in time to keep your skin safe from the attacks of mosquitoes.

Lemon grass
Most often we use this in cases where we have to burn some calories. But having them grow around your home can also help repel insects.

The lemon grass contains the same substances as citronella ingredients.

Lemon Grass

Which most mosquitoes find to be very repulsive. It’s perfect to crush those leaves and rub them on your skin, while you relax in your backyard.

Interestingly, you can have it grow well during summer with direct sunlight to maintain it growth.


You can find this in almost every home in Africa. In most homes it is believed that the strong offensive aroma of garlic drive some strange spirits and ultimately mosquitoes away.

Citranatal plants Garlic plant

Its pungent smell is a deterrent to mosquitoes and even humans in some cases. However, if you are thinking of having it around your home, colder seasons like fall and winter are the perfect time for it.

It has very low resistance to drought but intense sunlight can help it grow sparingly.

If you need to repel mosquitoes on the go, you can easily haul around a bulb of garlic in your tote.

Mums for short, are a great plant with repulsive odor that deters mosquito. However, decorating your cottage with mums can keep you and your family abrased from mosquito bites during summer.


Summers are the best time to grow mums in your garden. This perennial plant can grow in it full capacity when there’s adequate water supply and also a full sun to keep it standing.

So when next you stopping by at a friends garden to get some beautiful plant’s to decorate your garden, you can easily request for a chrysanthemum instead of just an ordinary ornamental plant.

The Basil plant is another repellent with pungent smell that repels mosquito just like garlic.

In cases where you have stagnant water around your home, you can easily have it grow their and also repel those mosquitoes that hover around the water.

This herb springs forth in a damp atmosphere like the one experienced during summer. Good drainage and intense sunlight on it chlorophyll makes it grow healthy.

So when next you thinking of cultivating a basil plant, feel free to place it in a container while you don’t relent in supplying water to make it soil wet.

The beautiful geranium plant don’t just make your home look attractive but also produces offensive smell to mosquitoes.

It’s ability to tolerate long period of dryness in the soil makes it different from other repellent plants.

Unlike other plants, the geranium plans does not need too much of water. If there be a need to water it, then try watering the soil directly without having to touch it leaves.

The leave of this plant blooms during winter.

Outdoor plants that repel Mosquitoes


The Cedar oil which is commonly used as a supplement in some shampoos to wash off dirt from the hair can also be use to curb the mosquitoes in our gardens.

The aromatic spell of this plants repel mosquitoes from hovering above our head each time the shampoo is being used.

And that’s a great sign that making it a plant in your garden can help repel those mosquitoes twice more than it does after using your cedar oil shampoo.

You can have it sprout out it leaves during winter. With it shades that is likely to cover any plant growing around it. It grows well on a humid soil.

Having the leaves of this plant crushed and rubbed on your skin or mixed with other lotions can help those insect.

It strongly repels mosquitoes in the garden and can also bye used as vegetables in our meal.

Although,  it has a different strength of surviving through all weather unlike other repellent plants.

In most cases, you can watch it blossom during the summer than winter.

Citranatal plants Rosemary

So therefore, try place it in a pot and watch it grow during summer.

But be watchful while the winter draws near, so you can bring it inside.

To prevent the harsh weather from withering it leaves.

In most homes in Asia countries, alliums are being planted to prevent insect from infesting on the vegetables in their gardens.

Many of this species are repulsive to mosquitoes and you can have them bloom during spring. A well drained soil and full sun can protects it from withering.

Citranatal plants Alliums

So why not consider getting an allium plant instead of having your environment being infested with unwanted insect that may deter the growth of other plant around it.

Well any of the listed plants above can save you and your family from dousing into some chemical effect that may be harmful to the human health.

And that’s why mosquito nets is being distributed in some homes to prevent the disastrous spread of malaria and other viruses it carries.

Although you can get rid of the mosquitoes while cultivating any of this plant in the borders of your home, gardens etc.

It also important you observe some personal hygiene that could prevent this mosquitoes from breeding around.

And important activities like clearing of stagnant water, doing away with dirt around the environment, can go a long way in preventing this virus from attacking our homes.

You really can’t have a good time when those mosquitoes are buzzing around or insects piercing our skin while you trying to have some nice time. Trying to have a discussion with your family in your backyard.

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