Marijuana legalization pros and cons 1

Marijuana legalization pros and cons

Marijuana Legalization pros and cons of this heated debate!

Without a doubt, marijuana has for years now been one of the most controversial topics.

This is something that has sparked some fiery debates among the authorities and lawmakers.

More to that, it has spearheaded some endless discussions among family and colleagues. That is because people still have divided interests on whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

Marijuana legalization pros and cons Marijuana plantation

Marijuana plantation

Although still, most people know the dangers recreational marijuana can bring to people, there are some states that are pushing the legalization of marijuana.

Especially for medical purposes. However still, the federal government views the sale of marijuana at par with cocaine and heroin.

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

In the world that we are living in today, it may seem like a very popular thing to do by legalizing marijuana.

However, there still a couple of lines of thought that have been used to decriminalize marijuana over the past years.

That is because making marijuana legal could have some serious consequences that everyone should take some time and think about.

Here are the top 7 reasons why marijuana still remains illegal;

Marijuana is Perceived as Addictive
Marijuana is one substance that has been perceived to have a high potential for abuse.

This is a classification that has been derived from most people’s perspective. That when people use marijuana over a long period of time, they become potheads or rather hooked.

In that case, marijuana starts dominating their lives.

Marijuana legalization pros and cons youth smoking marijuana

Youths smoking marijuana

Unquestionably, this is something that happens in some cases.

However, it also happens with some legal substances such as alcohol.

The only problem with marijuana is that the half-life of THC is so long.

Meaning that the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana may not happen until for about one month since the drug is still present in your system.

That is why most of the legalization advocates have used the claim that marijuana is not addictive to fight for the prohibition of marijuana.

They claim that the risk of using marijuana is lower as compared to some other drugs.

Marijuana has no Acceptable Medicinal Use

Some research has shown that marijuana has some considerable health benefits.

This ranges from cancer to glaucoma.

However, the medicinal benefits of marijuana have still not been accepted at a national level.

And that is why to date, the legalization of medicinal marijuana remains a sensitive national controversy.

All in all, most of the legalization advocates of marijuana are gathering evidence of the effects of marijuana on the lives of people with such ailments.

Hence, showcasing the effects of using marijuana for medical purposes.

Historically, Marijuana has been linked to Narcotics

When the early anti-drug laws were formed for the purpose of regulating narcotics such as morphine and heroin, marijuana was described along with cocaine.

Although, it’s not a narcotic.

For that reason, since then marijuana has been associated along with the abnormal recreational drugs.

And that is why, in most cases, marijuana will unquestionably be portrayed as a gateway drug.

⦁ Public Safety Concerns

Even the people who do not use marijuana can still be affected by the use of marijuana in certain ways.

⦁ Through second-hand smoking.

⦁ Driving under the influence of marijuana can make users dangerous on the road

⦁ Youth protection. Users who some smoke around schools could expose young youths

⦁ Product quality; there is no regulation for the storage, packaging and transportation of marijuana which may expose users to some complicated health risks

Adverse Long Term Dangers

Marijuana is a long-acting drug that will be in your system for quite some time when used.

In addition to that, marijuana has some harsh long term effects that can bring about great concerns and health dangers.

Some of the effects of using marijuana in the long term may include;

⦁ Abnormal changes in reproductive functions such as the menstrual cycle

⦁ Dependence on marijuana after long periods of use

⦁ Dry mouth and tooth decay

⦁ Risk of anxiety

⦁ Risk of getting chronic bronchitis

⦁ Additionally, the risk of developing psychosis

Marijuana legalization Pros and Cons Why Marijuana should be Legal

There are various reasons why we should actually legalize marijuana.

As I said earlier, marijuana has always been a controversial issue since time memorial.

Whether you agree on the explanation for the prohibition of marijuana, the reality is that there are two sides of the debate.

Marijuana legalization pros and cons  dried marijuana leaves

Dried marijuana leaves

Some people believe that legalization of Marijuana will probably be beneficial to the country as a whole and to its citizens.

In their defense, here are some of the reasons why Marijuana should be legalized.

No one has ever overdosed on marijuana before

Do you think that the consumption of THC will one day kill you?

Think again!

Ever since the first consumption of THC, no one has ever had any fatal encounter with THC.

While, on the other hand, over 30,000 people die each year due to drug overdose.

About 60% of that population died due to prescription drugs.

Others actually die due to alcohol-related causes or cigarette smoking.

That said, Marijuana actually makes you relax and reduces your stress levels.

A huge percentage of people have already admitted that they use Marijuana

About 40% of the USA citizens alone have admitted that they use marijuana at least once.

Compare that to the 16% in the USA already using cocaine which is obviously lower.

THC is becoming more and more ubiquitous despite it being less addictive compared to other drugs.

There is a reason why people feel more comfortable using THC compared to other drugs such as cocaine or even coffee.

Marijuana legalization Pros and cons Marijuana is safer!

Compared to other drugs already legalized, marijuana is safer and influential.

If we are completely okay when using alcohol or even cigarettes, then why should we illegalize marijuana?

Marijuana is less harmful when compared to tobacco and alcohol use combined.

The idea that marijuana use is more harmful than alcohol or tobacco is simply because of the media influence.

Basically what we’ve been brought up to believe.

All the same, the fact that pot use has been illegalised, most people now associate this drug with the ‘pothead’ culture.

A world where you can actually roll a joint instead of drinking cheap liquor doesn’t have to seem so crazy.

It’s actually a much healthier choice!

THC is a good sleep aid

Due to the stressful economic world that we live in, it can sometimes seem a bit hard to get to sleep.

You find yourself worrying about your next bill and how you will be able to sort it out.

It gets worse when you have to work at least 3 jobs just to meet your daily needs.

Currently, most people have an issue with their sleep to the extent that you need medications to fall asleep.

Imagine that you simply need to roll a joint and you will end up sleeping like a baby.

Research shows that the effect of THC on sleep is almost identical to that of lithium.

What’s more, patients who smoked marijuana before they sleep have a more restful sleep when compared to others.

The drug gives you the chance to get over your stresses and you will wake up feeling refreshed and well rested.

Therefore, you will be able to work effectively throughout the day.

⦁ Marijuana reduces the effect of medical ailments

Medical Marijuana is extremely important to the medical world.

That’s because THC has proven to be a good pain reliever and successfully reduces nausea effects.

On top of that, this drug is extremely useful when treating cancer patients from the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea.

It doesn’t stop there! I’m sure we’ve all gotten the chance to see the full effects of the HIV/AIDS and how a patient suffering from this disease ends up losing their appetite.

Well, thanks to marijuana, if you are suffering from HIV, you can now recover your appetite by simply taking THC.

This drug also helps relax your muscles spasms and tensions. You will also get the chance to relieve chronic pains.

⦁ It’s a good way to generate revenue

Taxing marijuana can be profitable to the government since it will be able to generate a considerable amount of revenue.

With the high levels of weed consumption, the amount of revenue in this area is simply limitless.

Marijuana legalization Pros and Cons Medical Marijuana

Medicinal marijuana is simply using the THC plant to treat diseases and other health conditions.

It’s actually the same product as the recreational marijuana but it’s strictly taken for medical purposes only.

Marijuana plant

Marijuana plant

The THC plant contains over 100 different chemicals known as cannabinoids.

More to that, each of these elements has an effect on your body.

But the THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are mainly the elements used for medical purposes.

All in all, the THC is what produces the ‘high’ feeling that people who smoke or eat THC feel in the end.

Benefits of using Medicinal Marijuana

⦁ Through the use of medicinal marijuana, you are able to reduce anxiety

⦁ It also helps to reduce inflammation and at the same time relieve pain.

⦁ With this drug, you can control the nausea effect and vomiting that is usually caused by chemotherapy treatment.

⦁ Medicinal marijuana can help you to kill cancer cells and other slow tumor growths in the body.

⦁ It helps to relax the muscles especially when you are suffering from multiple sclerosis.

⦁ Medicinal marijuana will also help you stimulate your appetite and improve weight gain. Especially in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.
However, even with medicinal marijuana, it also has some side effects.

Side effects of Medicinal Marijuana

⦁ Medical marijuana can cause bloodshot eyes.

⦁ You might end up suffering from depression.

⦁ It causes dizziness to the patients.

⦁ On top of that, medical marijuana causes your heart to beat faster than usual.

⦁ The drug causes hallucination to most patients.

⦁ You might risk suffering from low blood pressure.

This drug will additionally affect your coordination and judgement. This might lead to injuries or even accidents.

What’s more, when this drug is used during teen ages when your brain still developing, it will affect your mental function and IQ.

Since this drug still contains some elements of tobacco, most people worry that it might also affect your lungs.

However, the effects of inhaling this drug aren’t clear but there is evidence that it might increase the chance of suffering from lung problems such as bronchitis.

Marijuana legalization pros and cons Recreational Marijuana
Marijuana legalization pros and cons Marijuana plantation Colorado

Marijuana plantation in Colorado

Well, recreational marijuana is a drug that is used to intentionally tamper with the states of one’s consciousness.

Often this drug will produce feelings of exhilaration and happiness. Recreational marijuana is legal in some states in the United States of America.

For instance, in Colorado and Washington, you can purchase recreational Marijuana at a recreational dispensary freely.

As long as you are 21 years of age and have a legal ID.

Here some of the benefits of using recreational marijuana;


⦁ Smoking marijuana has proven to be one of the most common bonding moments for friends hence allowing peers to grow closer to each other.

⦁ Marijuana has proven to heighten senses. Hence, enhancing ones taste of food or the sound of musical rhymes.

⦁ Marijuana can unlock someone’s creativity. Hence making some users of marijuana more artistic, creative and energized.

⦁ Marijuana is said to make the users much more receptive to newly delivered information.

⦁ Marijuana helps to suppress stress hence ideal for anyone who has to deal with a lot of everyday stresses.

⦁ The dopamine in marijuana creates a feel-good sensation hence allowing someone to appreciate the beauty of this world.

⦁ Marijuana helps to create harmony by making you feel more stress-free and happy.

Cons of Recreational Marijuana

⦁ Smoking pot for fan results in anxiety and panic problems. However, this idea is still controversial.

Some people believe that individuals with anxiety issues should stay away from THC since it might worsen their state.

On the other hand, others believe that smoking pot at a lower dosage might actually decrease your anxiety levels.

⦁ THC increases your chances of suffering from depression.

⦁ Large doses of marijuana can lead to psychosis and paranoia especially in adolescent individuals. However, the effects of psychotic symptoms are short-lived.

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