Best Gardening Apps That Actually Help 1

Best Gardening Apps That Actually Help

Best Gardening Apps 11 of our favorite!

It’s spring, summer is around the corner and you can’t wait to get outside and put your garden tools to good use.

Whether you are a pro, or a newbie, it’s always an idea to dabble in nature every now and then.

For novice gardeners, gathering information can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, several gardening apps have brought them together in one digital atmosphere.

Even if you’re a gardening pro who just wants all of your information in one place, you should consider using a gardening app.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest gardening trends, or you’re just eager to make the most of those potted plants you just purchased from your local nursery, here are a few free best gardening apps you should consider signing up for:

What are the Best Gardening Apps?

While there are several gardening applications available on the different play stores, in this post, we have compiled a list (based on app reviews) of some of the best gardening apps you should seriously consider.

FlowerChecker: This is a very wonderful tool for people who are just getting into gardening.

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FlowerChecker has an in house team of experts that help you identify different plants and answer your questions concerning them.

If you need information about a certain plant that you are not familiar with, simply upload pictures of the plant.

The expert then helps identify the plant and provide other information.

Typically, it would take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to correctly identify the plant.

The experts on FlowerChecker identify plants at $1 per plant.

However, if the experts are unable to provide you with the information, then you don’t have to pay anything. FlowerChecker is available for iOS and Android devices.

SmartPlant: This app is tutorial heaven for lovers of gardening.

SmartPlant provides you with nearly everything you need to successfully grow a home garden.

With this app, you have access to image and video tutorials on plant care.

SmartPlant also allows users to scan the barcodes of plants to receive monthly tips and notifications on caring for them.

While there is a free version of this app, the premium version requires a subscription fee.

The subscription currently stands at $4 per month, $10 per quarter or $35 per year. SmartPlant is available for download on Apple and Google play stores. One of our picks for the best gardening apps.

Agrobase: Agrobase is one of the most helpful gardening apps.

The app helps you with identifying problems with your plants and your garden.

It also provides detailed photo descriptions on how to handle them.

Agrobase is available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

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The list above is not exclusive; there are several other great best gardening apps like GardenCompanion, Plantifier, Gardenate, etc.

All of these apps are there to provide you with information on how to grow plants and care for your garden with no hiccups.

While all of these apps are great for providing gardening information, for some new gardeners, the price tag on some of them is a huge barrier.

So if you searching for some free best gardening apps that work just as good as the few we’ve already discussed, you should check these out:

Free Apps For Gardening

GrowIt!: This app is not just a storehouse of information but it’s also a community of people looking to learn and share information on a common love: gardening.

Think of Facebook and Wikipedia, but for lovers of gardening; that is what this app is all about.

With the GrowIt! App, you can see what other plants people in your area are growing as well as all the information you need to grow it yourself.

Once you click on the information tab for each plant, the app displays tips on how to grow the plant, how big the plant is, how much water it needs, its blooming seasons and so much more.

GrowIt! also keeps track of your garden plants and your location.

It uses this information to send you periodic tips on how your soil is changing with the seasons and what you need to need to do to keep it at optimum status.

I mean, if there is ever anything you need to know about gardening, just consult GrowIt!.

The app is available for download on the iOS and Google play stores. However, there is currently no desktop version of the app.

Leafsnap: If you are a newbie when it comes to gardening, then the Leafsnap is a must-have on your mobile device.

In fact, it is currently being used by the National History Museum to identify various plants.

The Leafsnap works almost as Shazam does with music. The app helps you identify plants by their leaves. Currently, the Leaf snap is only available free on ⦁ iOS.

MyGardenAnswers: Garden Answers helps you identify various plants by simply uploading images of different parts of the plants onto the app’s database.

Once you submit the pictures, the app returns detailed information about the plant.

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You can also use keyword to find out information on pests and diseases that any of your plants may be experiencing.

Another amazing feature is the experts. If you have specific questions about your plants, any of the experts can provide you with the information you need.

Garden Answers is available for download on the Google and Apple Play stores. Another favorite best gardening apps we love!

All of these apps are perfect for seeking out general gardening information.

However, if you are looking to narrow it down and get specific information on gardening areas like vegetable gardening or garden design, you can check out some the following apps:

Vegetable Gardening Apps

Veggie Garden Planner: This app is perfect for organizing your gardening plans.

It works like a regular planner by helping keep you keep track of all the vegetables in your garden.

It also gives you options of what vegetable combinations to plant in order to make the most of the space that you have.

Veggie Garden Planner also shows your garden plants’ sowing and harvesting time in a tabular form.

In fact, if you want to delve into vegetable gardening or just make the entire process much easier, you absolutely need this app.

Veggie Garden Planner is only available for download on iOS devices.

My Vegetable Garden: No matter how long you have been gardening, this app is definitely necessary for you.

This app provides detailed information about various vegetables and it helps you plan your gardening.

The best part of this app is that it is fully functional even when offline.

My Vegetable garden is available for download on Apple devices.

When to Plant: Just like the name implies, When to Plant provides gardeners with information on the best planting times for different vegetables.

The app works by collecting data from the databases of over 5,000 weather stations across the country.

It then calculates the best planting time using this weather information and your Zip Code.

It also shows you the growing and blooming seasons of various vegetables. This app is only accessible in the United States.

Other vegetable gardening apps you should check out are: Gardroid and Garden Managers.

Garden Design Apps

Sometimes you just need an extra hand with planning and designing your garden. The following apps can definitely help you out with that.

Garden Plan Pro: Garden Plan Pro is an award winning app and honestly with its features, it is no surprise.

With this app, you can design any garden on your mobile device. The design feature of the app allows you to add plants and rows until you arrive at the garden of your dreams.

In addition to this, the app holds information for almost 200 plants from around the world.

It allows you to rotate crops mid-season and helps you find the right time to plant and harvest your plants.

You can also record all your garden activities with an in-app chart feature. The only downside to this app is that it is only available on Apple play store; android users do not have access to it.

MySoil: Yes, this apps tells you about different types of soil and what plants to plant on them. It also gives information on the best ways to arrange your plants on the various soil types.

best gardening apps woman with gardening gloves

Garden Design Ideas: Garden Ideas provide you with various design options for your garden.

It also allows photo sharing so that you can be inspired by someone else’s garden design and vice versa.

All the apps discussed in this post contain so much information on gardening; you may never have to run a google search again.

So if the thought of having to do all that research has been holding you back from embracing your love for gardening, you do not have an excuse anymore.

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