Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture 1

Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture is a post I wanted to create to help those with bathrooms that are too small. Have no ventilation fan or are in the beginning stages of mold from the added moisture.

Bathroom Plants that absorb Moisture bathroom Plant

Bathroom Plant

In precisely every home, it’s not uncommon to find household plants in the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Which brings us to the question; why does everyone make it seem odd having household plants in the bathroom?

Well, if anything even the bathroom deserves to be decorated with the lush greenery just like the rest of the rooms.

While it can be easy decorating the bathroom with indoor plants, the trick here is finding a plant that will actually thrive in the bathroom conditions.

Bathrooms tend to be warm and moist all the time. This means that they could be as well a breeding ground for bacteria.

But don’t panic as there is a wide range of flora that thrives just well in such humid conditions.

Shower plants will not only give you the best setting to start off your day but also help to purify the air.

Having indoor plants in your bathroom helps to improve the mood and make you feel more relaxed.

At the same time, these flowers help to breathe some life to your bathroom space.

Benefits of plants in the Shower

Do you have that dream of making your bathroom as breath-taking as a luxury spa?

Well, shower plants are probably all you need. Besides being one of the hottest trends that have taken over Pinterest over the last few years, they come with some key benefits.

Having a plant in your shower goes beyond the aesthetic value. Some of the benefits they offer include;

Air Purification
This is probably something that most people don’t know but pollution levels are always higher indoors than they are outdoors. That is because aside from the pollution indoors like detergent and paints, the toxins from outside get into the house too.

But that shouldn’t worry you as plants are known for their capability to purify the air.

The plants take in dirty air and exhale clean air. For that reason, having plants in your bathroom will help you to make the air cleaner.

That way, you will be able to filter out any bad odor that might be lingering in your bathroom.

Actually, purifying the air in your bathroom using plants is a much more environmentally friendly option than using industrial grade air fresheners.

Bathroom plants that absorb moisture Shower Plants

Improve the Quality of Air in Your Bathroom
This is something that most people will agree on; having plants in a room improves the overall quality of energy in the room.

Therefore, if you are looking into having a better quality of air in your bathroom, plants are all you need.

Plants will help to remove any toxins in the air hence giving the whole place a better positive vibe.

It’s actually funny just how most people don’t realize that there is a wide range of plants out there that will grow perfectly in the bathroom.

Considering the cumulative amount of time, we spend in the bathroom every day, it’s fair if we care about the atmosphere.

And there is no better way to improve the quality of air in your bathroom than using some lush green plants.

Helps with the overall Dampness of Bathrooms
Having a few plants in the bathroom goes a long way into dealing with the dampness in most bathrooms.

That is because the plants will take in the damp air and in return exhale fresh air. This way, you won’t have issues of excess humidity in the bathroom.

The good thing about all this is that at the end of the day the plants actually love all that moisture you leave behind after taking a shower.

Although the plants aren’t the ideal solution to major dampness issues, they are great when you need to curb mold that tends to grow due to excess moisture in the bathroom.

Improve your Overall Energy
There is nothing more refreshing than having a shower in the morning before getting your day started.

This gets even better when you have fresh plants in your bathroom to top it up. These plants increase your vitality and energy that contributes to your overall performance during the day.

What are you waiting for then?

Get some of your favorite flowers and add them to your bathroom. You will get a double boost of energy that you will always look forward to every morning.

Even if you brand yourself as not a morning person, you will love it how your bathroom feels every morning.

They Improve your Mental Health
Over the years, there have been many studies that show having plants in your house contributes a big deal to your mental health positively.

That is because being around plants helps to improve your relationship skills as well as communication skills.

Reason being, plants are generally known to influence your positive outlook towards life.

More to that, a good number of people have said that they always feel relieved of all their stress when they are in a room full of plants. They claim to get a more relaxing and calm mood.

Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture Air plants

Peace Lily

Peace lilly

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a plant that is commonly known for reducing the levels of humidity in the atmosphere.

This plant is capable of absorbing moisture from its surroundings through its leaves despite whether you water it or not.

More to that, the peace lily only needs a very little amount of sunlight to survive.

Hence, it will never be a challenge if you use it as an indoor plant in your bathroom.

In that case, the peace lily is just the ideal plant to have in your bathroom in order to decrease excess moisture in the air.

In addition, the plant has air purification capabilities hence it clears the air in your bathroom of all contaminants.

However, you need to understand that peace lilies are toxic to both animals and humans when ingested.

For that reason, make sure that you keep the plant out of reach of both pets and children for safety precautions.

⦁ Boston Fern

Bathroom plants that absorb moisture Boston fern

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is another very popular indoor plant that can thrive in the warm and moist bathroom conditions.

The plant grows in moist climates therefore; it will absorb all the excess moisture from the air without so much of a struggle.

The fact that it absorbs excess moisture in the air, it helps to balance out the humidity levels hence making your bathroom and home more comfortable.

And the good thing is that Boston Fern only needs moist soil and indirect light from the sun which is quite easy to achieve indoors.

However, you need to be a bit watchful of the plant during the cold winter months.

That’s because, when the air dries out too much, you might have to mist it so as to keep the plant alive.

Shower and Bathroom Plants No Window

Reed Palm
Palms are known to thrive best in areas that receive a humid and tropical climate.

That being the case, they are capable of absorbing moisture through their leaves.

This means that reed palms are a great indoor plant if you are looking into eliminating excess moisture.

More to that, unlike most other plants, reed palms survive just well even in lower light conditions.

This means that the plant will do just well in low light and moist bathrooms.

However, if kept in a room that is well lit, the reed palm could grow so much taller.

You also need to keep the plant’s soil relatively moist so that it can thrive well.

And as a bonus, the reed palm will help to purify the air just like the peace lily does.

Cast Iron Plant
If you constantly find yourself killing plants, then you might need to try out the cast iron plant.

This plant is great for any setting that receives low light and does not need a lot of watering.

More to that, the plant can tolerate a temperature of 50 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The plant is great at absorbing excess moisture in the air.

However, for it to grow well, you need to place it where it gets indirect sunlight and is watered thoroughly if the soil becomes too dry.

If your bathroom has no windows, then you probably have to provide some natural light to the plant.


Tillandsia Plant


This is one of the best-known bathroom plants that’s suitable for indoor conditions.

All in all, you need to place this plant where it can get the average amount of sunlight.

More to that, it needs to be watered at least three times a week in order to survive.
That is because, if you don’t water the plants enough, the leaves may end up more concave than usual.

The other fascinating thing about this plant is that it absorbs nutrients and moisture from the environment through the leaves.

Although the plant will not completely eliminate humidity problems in your home, it will definitely keep it at bay.

In that case, Tillandsia is an effective natural humidifier that you can add to your bathroom décor.

Bathroom Plants

English Ivy
The English Ivy is a great indoor plant that you can consider placing in the bathroom especially if you have pets in your home.

This plant is ideal for reducing the impurities in the air. In addition to that, the plant is capable of absorbing humidity in the atmosphere.

More to that, English Ivy helps to absorb the formaldehyde that’s more present in the household products like cleaning detergents, furniture and treatments for carpets.

Also, the plant can help to eliminate mold that grows in areas with high humidity.

The best thing about this plant is that it needs very little maintenance and does well in low light conditions.

The only thing you need to do to keep the plant thriving is to ensure the soil is moist.

Also, the plant is best placed in the hanging pots so that it is able to absorb even the moisture that rises.

Spider Plants
Without a doubt, spider plants are very popular plants that can be grown indoors.

The plant has grown to popularity due to its impressive appearance as well as its low maintenance needs.

And since the plant comes with gracefully arching leaves, the plant will improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

The best thing that makes the spider plant an ideal bathroom plant is because it has the tendency of absorbing humidity from the environment.

More to that, this plant stands out from the rest as it has the ability to survive with low maintenance as well as low light conditions.

The plant actually removes at least 90% of moisture and any other pollutants in the air.

The Dragon Plant

Bathroom plants that absorb moisture Dragon plant

The Dragon Plant
Credits: Mokkie [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

This is a famous indoor plant that comes in about 40 varieties. The plant comes with spear-like leaves that are very fine and thin.

The leaves could also come in a wide range of colors from greenish maroon to solid green.

The best thing about this plant is that it’s a real workhorse when it comes to dealing with humidity indoors as well as air purification.

However, you need to understand that the dragon plant prefers artificial lighting as compared to natural lighting.

When exposed to natural bright light the plant tends to scorch which makes it ideal for low light rooms like the bathrooms.

Being a low care plant, it’s just what you need to glam your bathroom despite the high levels of humidity.

In Summary…
Well, now you have it. Bathroom plants are the new trend and you should probably try them too.

However, as you choose your bathroom plant, you need to consider one that can survive in the high humidity levels of that environment.

Also, you need to understand that choosing a taller plant might not work in the bathroom.

That is because bathrooms have way limited space.

Finally, you need to consider how the low light and humidity in the bathroom will impact the well-being of the plant you choose.

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