Tree Meanings- Their Essence And Symbolism 1

Tree Meanings- Their Essence And Symbolism

Tree Meanings have always intrigued me growing up. I was looking forward to creating this post and sharing everything I could gather on the subject!

Tree Meanings Trees in the setting sun

Tree in the setting sun

The exploration of tree meanings is probably one of the most beneficial ways to learn some big lessons in life single-handedly.

That is because trees are more than just a beautiful addition to nature.

Trees symbolize life, growth, change, transitioning and death with grace.

For that reason, you will find that so many cultures across the world hold different trees as very sacred symbols.

With tree meanings and symbolism, it goes far and beyond just memorizing the history and cultural details of a specific tree.

And it goes even further beyond the memorization the healing properties and the elemental correspondence of a tree.

Definitely not forgetting all the mythological aspects of the tree.

The cerebral details, sure enough, are essential.

But, that alone is not enough to offer us the true development we are looking for in tree meanings.

That is why, this article will be focused on classifying, organizing and identifying the different energies that come with each tree meanings.

In turn, this will help us incorporate this wide array of energies in our daily lives.

Oak Tree Meanings

Without a doubt, Oak tree is probably one of the most highly regarded trees in the world, and that’s for a good reason.

The oak tree is perceived as an emblem of survival and strength that is embodied within its towering stature.

During ancient times, the Ancient Celts saw the Oak tree’s massive growth as well as its impressive expanse.

And for that reason, they took this as a sign that Oak should be a highly honored tree for its powerful endurance and mighty presence.

Throughout history, the Oak tree has been linked to powerful gods and mythologies.

Actually, in Greek mythology, the Oak tree represents the presence of Zeus who is the god of Thunder.

More to that, the oak tree is regarded as the storehouse of wisdom. I wouldn’t be wrong if I called it a living legend.

As much as it grows slowly, it surely does this on its own rate.

Due to its massive size and longevity, the oak tree is associated with nobility, honor as well as wisdom.

Considering that this tree could live up to 300 years, then its surely one of the powerful and affirming symbol of life.

What Does Oak Tree Symbolize?

Oak Tree

Oak Tree
http://Credits; Siobhan Leachman [CC0]

The oak tree is one of the most widespread trees in the world that’s highly honored. There are like 600 known species of the Oak tree.

The oak tree is one of the most important trees in a couple of mythologies from different cultures across the world.

This tree has been chosen as it has a strong symbolism to life.

Here are some of the symbols that are attached to the oak tree;

1. Longevity, strength and durability are exquisite traits of Oak tree hence the tree is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, moral, strength, persistence, endurance, and resistance.
2. Also, the longevity of the oak is a sign of wisdom that’s been stored throughout the centuries. It’s also a symbol of knowledge and wisdom that someone has been able to accumulate throughout their lifetime.
3. It’s a symbol of moral uprightness and the art of being able to help other people by making the right decisions that impact their lives positively.
4. This tree also possesses great strength as well as durability hence in the ancient times it was used as a building material for its ability to resist detrimental abilities. Hence, the tree inspires us to be able to resist all challenges and all the doubts we might be having in our abilities.
5. The tree is also a symbol of honor, nobility and honesty. Since the tree can live up to 300 years it symbolizes the will to live, survival and longevity.
6. More to that, the tree is a symbol of power and stability. Actually, in ancient times, the kings used its leaves on the emblems to symbolize their ruling.
7. This tree meanings is a symbol of generosity and selflessness. This inspires us to have the will to share with the people who are not as blessed as us as things can always come back in multiple beneficial ways.
8. The oak tree symbolizes courage and the ability to be able to protect yourself as well as the people you love. It inspires you to put faith in your abilities.
9. It is also a symbol of stubbornness and inflexibility as we see from its inflexible branches. Due to this, the tree tends to lose some of its branches during storms. This shows us that such traits will only cause harm to us.

Trees with Special Meanings

Just like flowers, trees too have special meanings. You can apply these tree meanings in different aspects of life in order to convey a certain message.

Here are some of the common trees that have a special meaning;
Rowan; it symbolizes connection, protection and expression.
Birch; symbolizes youth, renewal and beginning
Willow; symbolizes vision, imagination and intuition
Ash; symbolizes surrender, wisdom and connection
Holly; symbolizes objectivity, action and assentation
Apple; symbolizes generosity, love and beauty
Hazel; symbolizes honesty, purity and creativity
Ivy; symbolizes patience, change and determination
Vine; symbolizes relaxation, depth and introspection
Reed; symbolizes harmony, growth and health
Gorse; symbolizes exposure, transmutation and resourcefulness
Aspen; symbolizes vision, victory and transformation
Yew; symbolizes passage, illusion and transference
Heather; symbolizes feelings, dream and romance
Elder; symbolizes evolution, continuation and clarity

Tree of Life Meaning

Ever wondered what is the significance of the tree of life and what it really means?

Well, the tree of life has a long history that crosses many cultures.

The tree of life, therefore, has a universal and popular aspect that carries a sacred symbol in all aspects.

Here are some of the common tree meanings of the tree of life and their significance;

A strong connection to everything
The tree of life is a representation of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.

Hence, this tree is like a symbol of togetherness which shows that you are never alone as we are all connected in the world.

That is because the roots of the tree of life dig deep in the earth and spread out. Meaning that they accept nourishment from mother nature.

Its branches and leaves, on the other hand, also grow tall accepting the energies from the moon and sun.

Strength and Growth
The tree of life is also a symbol of growth and strength as it stands tall and strong.

The tree has a wide network of roots that spread deep into the soil hence stabilizing themselves.

The fact that the tree of life can withstand even the toughest storm then its stands as a prominent symbol of strength.

Since the tree grows both upwards and outwards, then it indicates how someone grows throughout their lifetime.

Fertility, Ancestry and Family
The tree of life also happens to be a representation of one’s connection to their family as well as their ancestors.

That is because the tree of life has a wide network of branches that are a representation of the growth and expansion of a family for generations.

More to that, this tree represents fertility as that is what keeps the family growing.

The tree of life is also a symbol of individuality as all trees carry some level of uniqueness. That is because every branch in a tree sprouts in different directions and from a different point.

More to that, this tree of life is a symbol of personal growth and how our unique experiences shape us into who we are.

7 Sacred Trees

Since a long time ago, trees have held a special place in mother nature.

Hence, trees hold a very significant meaning to both mother nature and humans.

There are some trees that actually invoke a very powerful sense of spirituality.

And such trees have been used for decades as a symbol of celebration, worship, life and death.

Actually, some of these rituals are still performed today. That being the case, here is a list of some of the sacred trees we have today.

The Willow Tree

Tree meanings willow tree

Willow Tree
Sardaka [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

This tree comes in a wide range of shapes and varieties. Most of the species of this tree do well in the riparian landscapes.

Willow trees are closely associated with being haunted.

In the Japanese tradition, it is believed that whenever you see a willow tree near water then a ghost is likely to appear.

In addition to that, willows are highly regarded as sacred trees in witchcraft. Hence, willow water is in some cases used in magic.

Sacred Oak
The Sacred oak is believed to be one of the largest yellow oak in history. This tree is found in Oley, Pa and it’s almost 500 years old.

This scared oak got its attribution due to an Indian legend that talks about the tree having the abilities to heal.

In that case, the tree in Indian tradition was looked up to as a shrine tree. The Indians prayed to this tree whenever they were in need of any help.

Ash Tree

Ash Tree

Ash Tree
Tony Holkham [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Ash tree alongside other trees like Oak, apple and birch have significant importance to the mythical beliefs related to Celts.

The ash tree specifically has a strong connection to the order of druids, ovates and bards.

That being the case, the tree is associated with enchantment and healing. That is because of the Welsh god who has an ash tree wand.

Bodhi Tree
This is a sacred fig tree that is native to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

The name Bodhi tree means wisdom or enlightened. There is a myth that says that Buddha gained his enlightenment under this tree.

Hence, after the death of Buddha, this tree became a symbol of his sacred presence.
Also, the tree became a sacred object for worship. The original Bodhi tree died and another was planted in Bodh Gaya in 1881.

Most of the Buddhist temples across the world also plant this tree as a symbol of sacred ground.

Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress

Other people refer to it as the mournful tree, this tree has been closely associated with mourning and death for more than 2000 years now.

Hence, the tree is mostly planted in cemeteries of Islam’s and Europeans.

There is a legend behind this tree in the ancient Greek mythology where a man who was known as Cyparissus killed his stag.

Later he begged the gods to punish him and grant him eternal grief. The gods heed his wish and turned him to a cypress tree.

Hence this tree stands forever and mourns the dead.

The Baobab Tree
This tree is native to the African savanna’s and India.

This tree stands as a national emblem for Madagascar due to its fascinating shape, size and longevity.

The tree can live for up to 3000 years hence it is believed that the tree holds all the spirits of the dead.

For that reason, the baobab tree is sacred in the African cultures.

Over the centuries, kings used to hold their official meetings under the baobab tree.

That is because they believed the tree held magical properties that could probably help them in making wise decisions.

The Lebanese Cedar
Since the Phoenician era, this is a tree that has attained a high economic significance.

That’s due to the power of its wood as well as its preciousness.

More to that, this tree is considered sacred due to the fact that it can live for many years being able to pull through the mountainous climate and the snow.

Also, the Lebanese tree holds a sacred significance to Christians considering that the tree is mentioned in the bible 75 times.

Also, the tree is a symbol of national pride as this tree is Lebanon’s national emblem.

Trees that Symbolize New Beginnings
1. Birch
2. Walnut
3. Bamboo tree
4. Elder tree

In Summary
As we have seen from the article above, different trees carry diverse tree meanings. In that case, it’s upon us to find out what each tree in our lives mean and their significance in our lives. Thanks for taking the time to read the post! Hope it has helped in some way to better understand the tree meanings and their symbolism.


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