Azomite (Rock Dust) Why It's So Essential To Garden's 1

Azomite (Rock Dust) Why It’s So Essential To Garden’s

What are Azomite Minerals?

Azomite rock dust pile

Azomite is a highly precious mineral having a complex shape. It is a natural mineral that is also used as a fertilizer. Its construction is referred to as HSCAS i.e., Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino-Silicate. This is a kind of metal which is utilized as a fertilizer for plants and also as an ingredient of food for many animals out there.

It is considered reasonable and necessary for soil fertility, which can be of great importance in terms of production.

On the other side of the picture, it is considered safe for use and environment-friendly. It is also researched clinically that it accommodates almost 70% of the minerals, including the ones which are rare in the earth.

Azomite is taken from its very ancient sources, i.e., Utah desert. The purpose of this mineral is to update the nutrients of different soils to improve the productivity of the respective plant. It is a unique mineral, which is not prepared in the laboratory as it is available naturally.

Azomite Rock Dust:

Are you fond of gardens and planting trees? Do you have a garden? Are you worried about the soil’s less productivity and nutrient’s? Azomite rock dust is one of the best solutions for all the queries as mentioned above.

It helps in increasing the production organically. Because it extracts naturally, it provides essential minerals to the soil and then plants. The unique thing about Azomite is that it acts to make the soil fertile.

So for every plant, tree, and crops productivity, Azomite rock dust can be used safely. This product is used for improving the strength and quality of the roots.

It is an odorless item with its excellent feature of re-mineralizing. Azomite rock dust is the pure and fine dust extracted from the rocks. Also, it has several trace minerals that are rarely found on the earth and can play a significant role in the fertility of the soil.

How to use Azomite Rock Dust?

There is no rocket science in using the Azomite rock dust. Because it is available in various forms, you can use it based on your requirements. You can use it as a powder as well as in the spray.

You have to take the amount which you are going to inject in the soil, that can spray with a broadcasting field. In the opinion of many expert farmers, you should apply the Azomite rock dust directly to the earth. It will be better absorbed to the roots for higher productivity.

Some of the researchers have stated that as long as the Azomite rock dust is present in the root of the plant., the whole plant will be growing at a constant speed daily. Using and injecting Azomite mineral into the soil will activate the bacterium as well as other soil functions for the maximum output.

Micronized Azomite:

Micronized Azomite is the powdered form of the Azomite mineral. Has more tendencies towards the flour in terms of its physical features. It is highly recommended for the plants and other natural procedures in gardening, lawns.

Unique features like nutrient formation for the soil. Can make the soil more fertile by blending with the soil mixtures. It can be easily transported to the roots of the plant by proper irrigation due to its powder-like property.

Highly recommended for indoor gardening and outdoor gardening. Also, it can be utilized to those plants which are already potted.

Where does Azomite mineral come from?

There are different theories and perceptions regarding this profoundly enriched mineral. This particular and unique mineral is found in the deserts of Utah. For more than sixty years, the mining process continues until now.

It has been believed and stated by many of the geological researchers that this mineral is the outcome of natural events that happened 30 million years ago. It states that nearly 30 million years ago, a volcano exploded and emitted.

Ash discovered during the volcanic explosion. That ash then converted into a seabed due to the extreme weather conditions like rain and wind. It has rock formations all over it, which refers to as Azomite rock, and when it squeezes, it becomes Azomite Rock dust.

There is no doubt about the Azomite rock dust productivity when it is mixed with the soil as a fertilizer. Its outstanding mineral qualities make it possible for the ground to become more fertile. It is an odorless compound with natural tendencies. Also, this is certified by the American Board of minerals as a natural product.

Benefits of the Azomite Mineral:

There are plenty of benefits using the Azomite mineral as a fertilizer or a feed for animals.
It is composed of purely natural ingredients.
Azomite can enable the organic growth of the plants.
Much less amounts of Azomite needed for maximum productivity.
It is available in various forms.
Its micronized form is significant and appreciable.
Through spray, you can sprinkle it on plants.
It activates many enzymes, and the growth process is also enabled.
Azomite is also helpful in feed for livestock.
If the mineral containing Azomite is present in the feed of livestock, the ratio of the disease will be minimum.

Azomites substitutes:

Azomite is an entirely natural substance, and it almost has all the natural minerals in it which are required for a soil to be fertile. But it may be possible that you may not get the necessary amount of Azomite. There may be the possibility that it would be unavailable. So in case of unavailability, you must be looking for the substance which can best be a substitute to it. You can use the following elements as a substitute for Azomite.

Glacial rock dust.
Rare Earth.
Rock Phosphate.
Healing clay.
All the items mentioned above are valuable as a substitute for Azomite. Excelerate is the best option with mixed clay. Glacial rock dust, rare earth, and rock phosphate get crushed and converted into the desired mineral dust for fertilizers. Zeolite can also be mixed with the clay to achieve the required results in terms of soil fertility. Healing clay can also be the best substitute with a fantastic variety of colors. It is considered an excellent mineral fertilizer for increased soil fertility.

How much will Azomite be required for one gallon of soil?

If you want to have maximum output out of what you want from your garden or plants, then you have to follow the rules. For that purpose, you have to take the right percentage of minerals in the plantation process. For example, how much of the soil will be needed for metals or fertilizers to achieve maximum productivity? This exact ratio will save you from making any mistake and will lead you towards the right consumption of sources.

If you have new plants in your garden, you have to add two to three tablespoons per gallon of soil thoroughly to make a good mixture. You can also add 0.5 to 1lb per cubic yard. If you have already grown plants in your garden, then the ratio will be changed. You have just to take one tablespoon of the mineral into one complete gallon of soil. This procedure you must follow once a month, keeping in mind the growth season of that particular plant.

The home gardener, as well as flower plantation, just requires half of the tablespoon of fertilizers to be mixed in a gallon of soil. But the ratio for the larger area will be quite different from the gardening and home plantation. If you are farming on a larger scale, then for one acre, 150lbs will be required for broadcast. 50lbs for one-acre irrigation and 100lbs on the banded land on one acre. There is a brand i have been using and absolutely love. For the price the better value has always been in bigger quantities. Here’s the one i order click the link for current pricing on amazon.

Trace minerals list for Azomite Minerals:

Minerals are the elements included in chemical components. These chemical elements are involved in the nutrients formation, which is necessary for terms of productivity and fertility of the soil.

Also, minerals are required by humans as well, so that they can overcome their need for work and energy. Our bodies, even each and everything are composed of cells. Trace minerals are the actual minerals that play an essential role in making and shaping the cell.

So trace minerals can never be neglected when you are dealing with some kind of productivity for plants and crops. Some of the trace minerals are listed below,

Iodine is one of the essential components in stimulating different types of plants to grow systematically. It is not exclude as a trace mineral in Azomite. It is an essential part of it.

Copper also plays a crucial role in shaping plant growth. Without copper, the enzymes cannot be activated, which are involved in photosynthesis. It reduces the part of nitrogen, which is abundant in the earth’s atmosphere.

Sugar is also an essential mineral, which uplifts in the plant through the presence of boron. Boron accelerates the metabolism in the plants. Also, it has a significant role in moving the plasma through different membranes.

The rate of nitrogen must control the plants, for which a bacterium has to work. That the cobalt activates bacteria. So the cobalt has importance. Also, it can control the water movement and growth process of the plant. It also produces vitamin B12.

Enzymes perform essential functions in living organisms. Zinc produces a different protein with Azomite minerals as a trace mineral. Zinc forms the nucleic acids in the photosynthesis process.

Tin usually is and naturally unavailable to the plants. But it can be absorbed by the plant through root hairs and help in the growth process.

Manganese also makes enzymes active in different shapes and structures. Which are involved in protein production?
While some rare earth mineral’s like Cerium, Praseodymium and Lanthanum Can also be used to get the maximum output in terms of productivity and soil fertility. So all these trace minerals are like boosting minerals, which helps in activating different systems to achieve the desired results.

Azomite for lawns

Azomite minerals and fertilizers used for the growth of grass. Sometimes the yards can have grass issues. Azomite minerals accurately adjust in the Lawns of different sizes. For 12000 Square feet to 15000 square feet area, you just need a 44 pound of a bag containing Azomite minerals, and you must use it as a fertilizer.

The fertilizers must be administered to the grounds in the season. Otherwise, it will not show the expected results.
In spring, winter, or fall, you can also apply two to three lbs. Per 1000 square feet in one year. Then you will reach the requirement of 20 to 30 pounds per 10000 square feet.

Tips for Lawns Using Azomite
You have to follow the steps below for achieving the purpose of a lush green lawn using the Azomite minerals.
Be advised doing a test of your soil for the best results.
Avoid sprays which are prepared in the laboratories.
Try to use natural compounds and ingredients.
For organic growth of the grass in a lawn, use the minerals like Azomite.
Do as much composting in your lawn for organic growth.
The grass which you are going must be green and of the right kind.
You have to take care and maintain it for some period so that no pests can attack it.

Given it’s size i would strongly advise you wear a face mask. These particles can and will do harm to your lungs. Do not allow this minor setback to prevent your use of the product. A cheap one will work!

Azomite is a mineral is for plants as a significant mineral. They are used in the feed of livestock. According to researchers, it was formed thirty million years ago in the reaction of a volcanic explosion. It is available in Utah Desert. Also, 100% natural and helps the plant to grow organically. It has almost 70 trace minerals. Some of them are listed. All these have an essential role in shaping and making different enzymes, procedures to help the plant get nutrients.


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