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how to germinate seeds in steps step by step germination

How to Germinate Seeds in Steps?

How to Germinate Seeds in Steps?You always have the option to get some ready-made plants in a store but what’s more fun is growing your own plants from scratch. You get to choose which plants you want to grow at the same time saving yourself a lot of money. Besides […]

Nephthytis plant these leaves are infused with white and gray lines when mature

Nephthytis (Syngonium podophyllum)

Nephthytis There are many varieties of plants out there but I have never seen one as versatile, resilient still elegant as the Nephthytis. Actually, this plant has withstood the test of time for a hundred plus years for its easy to grow and attractive nature. Considering the busy schedules we […]

ficus elastica care and tips close up of new leaves emerging

Ficus Elastica Care and Tips

Are you are looking for that easy going yet tough houseplant with the capability to reach some staggering heights in just a few years? Well, look no further! This ficus Elastica Care and Tips guide has it all. The Rubber Plant is the ideal choice for you. Since the Victorian […]

how to germinate seeds paper towel method seeds emerging

How to Germinate Seeds Paper Towel Method

Typically, germination is the process in which seeds undergo before becoming fully grown plants. Whether you are growing some vegetables, flowers or herbs a good head start will always determine the growth success rate of your seeds. If you are garden owner, you will agree with me that homegrown produce […]

Heirloom Seed Saving Guide seeds in jar

Best Heirloom Seed Saving Guide

Best Heirloom Seed Saving Guide I would love to begin this post by saying everyone loves plants but the truth is not every one cares. What is true however, is that everyone needs plants (for food, aesthetics and even ecological balance). That’s why plant scientists and plant lovers worldwide have […]