Gardening for Beginners

Rockwool Hydroponics For Beginners

A simple guide for beginners venturing into rockwool hydroponics! WHAT IS ROCKWOOL? Rockwool (stonewool) is an inorganic insulator formed from stone, made by blowing a jet of steam through molten rocks or slag. This process as a more advanced one, involves using high-speed spinning heads to spin molten rock. It […]

What Does Bolting Mean In Gardening?

What does Bolting Mean in Gardening? In this post we review the causes and solutions! Cabbage bolts in a garden As a new gardener, I’m sure you are trying your best to get the most out of your garden. When I started gardening, I didn’t know a lot about plants. […]

How To Amend Clay Soil For Gardening

How to Amend Clay Soil for Gardening, is a breakdown of simple actionable practices to correct the problem. Some people certainly might have a choice on the type of soil they have. However, some of us have no option but to get stuck with what we get. And certainly, I’m […]

Best Indoor Trees for Your Home

Best indoor trees for your home, our list of the most popular! Plastic plants may never die but nothing makes your home come alive like a good indoor tree. Whether you like to tread on the path of the dramatic or you prefer a minimalist design, there is an indoor […]

Best Gardening Apps That Actually Help

Best Gardening Apps 11 of our favorite! It’s spring, summer is around the corner and you can’t wait to get outside and put your garden tools to good use. Whether you are a pro, or a newbie, it’s always a ways idea to dabble in nature every now and then. […]