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Plant Food Numbers What Do they Mean? 1

Plant Food Numbers What Do they Mean?

Often we have all looked and plant food wondering at times, what do the plant food numbers actually mean? Well read on lets dive into this topic! Those beautiful lawns and gardens we see out there begin with health and well-nourished plants. Therefore, to make your yard the hallmark of […]

Bacterial Blights

Understanding Plant Disease

Although there are thousands of plant disease, if you are a gardener, farmer or even a nursery plant owner, it’s necessary that you understand the various types of disease that are likely to attack your plants. The non-pathogenic diseases are caused by the sudden change in humidity, soil moisture, soil […]

small space gardening


Gardening is a popular pastime among many people, particularly those who live in the country or have a large garden in the city. Flowers and plants bring a lot of beauty to every space they enter, whether it’s huge or small, inside or outside. But, in addition to its aesthetic […]