Gardening for Beginners

Soil Biology The Life Cycles within Soil

Soil biology is a guide to understanding fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and Actinomycetes. To maximize your yields it is crucial to have a basic understanding of the biology of soil! Soil One thing’s for sure; the soil is full of life. Each of the species living in the soil either depends […]

Rockwool Hydroponics For Beginners

A simple guide for beginners venturing into rockwool hydroponics! WHAT IS ROCKWOOL? Rockwool (stonewool) is an inorganic insulator formed from stone, made by blowing a jet of steam through molten rocks or slag. This process as a more advanced one, involves using high-speed spinning heads to spin molten rock. It […]

What Does Bolting Mean In Gardening?

What does Bolting Mean in Gardening? In this post we review the causes and solutions! Cabbage bolts in a garden As a new gardener, I’m sure you are trying your best to get the most out of your garden. When I started gardening, I didn’t know a lot about plants. […]

How To Amend Clay Soil For Gardening

How to Amend Clay Soil for Gardening, is a breakdown of simple actionable practices to correct the problem. Some people certainly might have a choice on the type of soil they have. However, some of us have no option but to get stuck with what we get. And certainly, I’m […]