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Philodendron Grazielae Care Tips, Propagation

There are many interesting species of Philodendron, but grazielae stands out. Small heart-shaped leaves with glossy surfaces cover the stout stems of the vining shrub. To keep it bushy, you can cultivate this Philodendron in a container. A hanging basket of sparkling green leaves can also brighten up a boring […]

An Ultimate Guide to Hoya Kentiana Care 1

An Ultimate Guide to Hoya Kentiana Care

Hoya Kentiana is one of the most well-liked Hoyas. It is a tropical perennial plant that can produce lovely flowers with a pleasant smell, as do other plants in its family. Mainly Hoya lovers typically cultivate it for its exciting leaves. Hoyas never cease to amaze with the unique shapes […]

How To Remove Fungus From Soil 2

How To Remove Fungus From Soil

How to remove fungus Fungus from Soil? It’s easier than you would think! A fungus is always causing issues for the gardeners as it is one of the major causes of diseases like root rot and blight in plants. Here the question arises how can we get rid of fungus […]