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can bread be composted moldy bread

Can Bread be Composted?

If you’re new to gardening and are wondering can bread be composted you’re in the right place! Well, when it comes to home composting, nowadays people have three major options at hand. If they don’t go for the compost pile they will either go for the trash pile or the […]

can eggshells be composted calcium carbonate

Can Eggshells be composted?

You’re probably reading this because you’re planning to diversify your compost pile or maybe are in the mood to try new things. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Eggshells are all over in almost every household. Once you’re done with the components inside it, you will quickly throw away […]

how to acidify soil organically iron chloro sis

How to Acidify Soil Organically?

Plants grow amazingly well in the soil with low pH due to the enriched nutrients absorbed in the soil. With too high pH, plant health and optimal growth are affected to a considerable extent. In This post we will go into dept. on how to acidify soil organically. Generally, it […]